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Wholesale Catalog Content #CORPINC

In my first copywriting gig, I wrote catalog descriptions for C.O.R.P. Inc. This former wholesale military seller provided variety of items to surplus and sports shops across the country. I regularly met with the owners to find out what they wanted to communicate about their stock, which would be used to write up product descriptions their clients used to attract customers.

C.O.R.P. Inc., Chico, CA

I was given a buyer persona of "a guy in his 30s-50s, living in the heart of America, probably divorced, has a pickup truck with a gun rack, and a dog who rides with him everywhere he goes." Extra points if I had fun with the copy.

I've included a few samples here.

British Olive Drab 1-Pocket Cargo Pant, 60%Poly/40%Cotton, Reissued,12/case

The British are coming and they want you to try out these great pants! They’re a great deal and comfortable to boot! These light trousers are good for summertime jobs, indoor chores or kicking back on the front porch with a cold one. Functional and lightweight cotton/poly blend makes for comfortable wearing. You’ll dig these digs! FEATURES: 2 slash pockets, 1 rear button flap pocket (7” by 6”), 1 cargo pocket on the left hip (9” by 7”), zip fly, button belt loops, 2 slide waist cinchers, one on each side

British Olive Drab Frag Vest, Reissued, 4/case

Don’t take flak from anyone! Our British O.D. Frag Vest may not be the most fashionable vest on the market but it will definitely protect you from insulting comments and take some of the sting out of paintball ambushes. But don’t wear it around your near-sighted hunting buddies because its layers of ballistic nylon stops shrapnel not bullets. This is a genuine collectable from military history and good for reenactments buffs or wearing when you’re trying to use your wife’s pressure cooker to make dinner. FEATURES: 2 bellows style pockets 41/2” by 8” with Velcro flap closures, grommeted sides and laces for secure closing, rubber handles for keeping rifle slung across your back.

Camouflage Spray Paint, Black, 12/case

Camouflage your stuff with our Camouflage Spray Paint! We’ve got all the colors you’ll need to make your gear, vehicle, even your cabin all but disappear into the surrounding vegetation. Use just a couple for deep foliage blending or a combination of several in areas with more variety. These paints are flat finish so they won’t catch the sun or any other bright light. FEATURES: enamel, works on metal, wood, paper, plaster, glass, fiber, or over other existing paint. Use on furniture, machinery, tools, implements, electrical, and electronic equipment

Camouflage Cream, 3 color 1 oz. tubes, 6/bag

You know if you’ve hunted deer that they’ll see almost anything you do. Improve your chances with our Camouflage Cream. One tube each (1 oz.) of flat black, leaf green, and mud brown come in the kit, giving you the option to best figure out how to “disappear.” If used on face only, the kit will supply you with a couple dozen applications.

C.O.R.P. Manufactured Parachute Bags, Black, Large, New

You don’t need to take a big leap to get one of our C.O.R.P. Manufactured Parachute Bags. Made of extra tough Cordura, these puppies will go a long way to haul your stuff around. The snap storm flaps over the zippers keep your goodies from getting soaked and the wrap-around straps hold the whole works together. FEATURES: snap storm flap, two way zipper, straps wrapped around entire bag to insure durability

British Tommy Helmet, 6/case, reissued

Whether or not you’re a history buff, you’ll appreciate our find in these British Tommy Helmets. Used during WWII, these rare finds are loaded with experience. Check for the date stamped on the inner brim. Use as a show piece, an addition to a collection, kiddie dress-up, reenactments, etc. Don’t miss out though, we have a limited supply. FEATURES: chin strap, 1” brim, date stamped (BM 1946)

British Olive Drab Ballistic Nylon Canvas Haversack S10 Respirator Bag, New, 12/case

Need a water resistant all purpose bag that won’t fly open? This functional, durable bag has heavy velcro and a snap to keep it closed. The back has a snapped belt loop. Inside you’ll find a pocket for holding shotgun shells or pens. The shoulder strap has a plastic quick release latch. Use it for a thousand and one things. It won’t let you down. 10" x 11" x 7"

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