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Animating Banner Ads #cyberedinc

In 2001, I worked as the marketing coordinator at CyberEd, Inc., a PLATO Learning company. At that time, companies were still unsure how to best market the company online -- banner ads were on every site but ROI was poorly understood when it came to click-throughs as campaign tracking wasn't a standard for smaller businesses. However, some media packets included banner ad placement, so it was my responsibility to put some together.

CyberEd's product was a supplemental series of digitally animated software study CD-ROMs for high school biology and chemistry students, which utilized cutting-edge rendering of designs created in-house. In order to make more eye-catching banner ads, I learned Adobe After Effects so I could create some animated GIFs from the art their designers created. Optimizing banner size so none was greater than 16kb provided the biggest challenge, as original graphics were so rich and detailed.

Here are a few that ran:

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